Charge Schedule

Track 1

Horse ownership and boarding at Shannon Hill Polo Club. 
Minimum two horses per player 
$1200 per month per horse 

Use of indoor and outdoor arenas, exercise track and trails complimentary with boarding. 

One grass field game and one outdoor arena game per week guaranteed weather permitting. 


$ 150 per chukker on grass field 
$ 100 per chukker in outdoor arena 

Groom services at the games NOT included.

Track 2

Horse lease and boarding at Shannon Hill Polo Club.
All charges and amenities as in Track 1. 
Plus Add lease fee $ 500 per month per horse.

Track 3

Horse rental by the chukker
$250 per chukker on grass field. 
$150 per chukker in outdoor arena. 

Field side grooming services included 

Minimum two chukkers per game. 

Minimum sale package consists of an ten chukkers payable beginning of the month 
(Could be grassy field or arena game or a combination). 

There will be no carry over if chukkers to the next month unless a game is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Polo Lessons

Basic Polo-Style 40 Minute Riding Lessons in Indoor Arena by Cynthia Delbosco - $75
Beginner Polo Lessons by Professional in the Arena - $100
Advanced Polo Lessons on the Grassy Polo Field by Professional - $175